Ok, you’ve hooked up your EZ Cam and now you are trying to access it from another computer within your household or at another location, such as your work, but it won’t allow you to access the video because your computers’ browser will “not accept the unsigned active X controls” download.

You can only make it as far as this:  (see illustration)

ip Camera login

If your browser, such as VISTA IE8, will not allow you to download an “unsigned active X control”  you can choose the lower Login button to have the video images “pushed” to you, or you can follow the following method, below, to correct the security settings to your IE8 browser:

STEP 1)  Open your internet browser and select “Tools” dropdown at the top of your page. (see illustration below)

Select Tools

STEP 2)  Choose the “Security” Tab within the “Internet options” box. Next, click on “Custom level”. (see illustration below)

Security Tab / Custom level

STEP 3)  Scroll down on the security options until you reach “Download unsigned ActiveX controls” and select the radio buttons as indicated within the illustration below. Click the “OK” button when finished in order to accept the changes.

ENABLE ActiveX Controls

STEP 4)  Close your IE Browser and reopen the IE Browser and log into your ip camera. You should now be able to accept and download the Active X controls. enter your user name and password, choose the top Login button this time!

Now you should be able to login and control your EZ Cam!