About Us

Our company is located in Palm Harbor, Pinellas County, Florida.

My name is Todd, and I have been tinkering with ip network cams as a hobby since 2004. I recently decided to open my own business in 2007. I named the business: ezCam because that’s the message I wanted to relay to my potential customers, they’re fairly “eazy” to set-up and operate.

It is easy to protect your home or small business now a days with wireless ip cameras! No drilling holes in walls or ceilings and stringing wires.

These ip network cams are great for monitoring your baby’s room, childrens play areas, keeping an eye on your pets, watching your home when you’re away, watching your storage warehouse or small business office areas.

Thank you for shopping at ezCam and I hope to earn your repeat business and referals.

Please keep in mind, we are a small business that has found a manufacturer in another country to provide these products to us in bulk. We have tested over-and-over to determine the repeated quality and success with the functioning and compatiblity of these products.

With this in mind, we feel confident to make the bulk purchases of these products from a dependable Manufacturer and provide them at a competative cost to our customers.

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